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Moultrie M-990i 10MP No Glow Infrared Mini Game Camera: Product Review

Finding the best trail camera to capture wildlife is far from easy. It can take a lot of research and price searching to find the best game cameras on the market. We have made it our mission to make the process easier by doing the research for you and putting them into simple reviews that you can learn everything you need to know about these cameras and if you could benefit from using any select camera over another. Today we are examining the Moultrie M-990i 10MP  Game Camera by looking at its product description, what other people have said about this camera, and from our own personal experience with this product.

Product Description of Moultrie M-990i 10MP Camera

The Moultrie M-990i 10MP Camera is a 10.0 mega pixel infrared camera that was designed for taking pictures of wildlife. This camera is unique from others because it has a 70ft night time range for taking quality pictures of nature from a distance. This distance is impressive for a trail camera because it can be hard to get good pictures from far away, yet it is a risk to try to get closer because you may be scaring the animal away and lose out on getting the shot that you want. This camera is also perfect for monitoring wildlife in your own back yard.

This camera has the ability to detect animals from a distance and focus to get the best picture from a distance because it uses night sensor to detect motion from far away ranges to create a clear image through the camera lens. This game camera also has high definition video with audio so you can get the full experience of nature in great picture and quality sound. When this camera captures an image it also records the temperature, moon phase, date and time, so you can have the exact information you need about when the photograph or the video was taken.

Moultrie M-990i 10MP No Glow Infrared Mini Game Camera review

Moultrie M-990i 10MP No Glow Infrared Mini Game Camera

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What People Are Saying about the Camera

People who have used the Moultrie M-990i 10MP  Game Camera have given it an impressive 4.6 out of five stars. This rating makes it one of the top picked trail cameras for capturing wildlife out there. Many people have enjoyed the quality of the high definition pictures that have a great color balance and are clear. Some people were impressed that this camera was so durable, which makes it perfect for people who tend to be rough with electronics. The long lifeline of the Moultrie M-990i 10MP Camera’s battery, which makes it convenient to own, impressed most of all people.

Review Conclusion

If you enjoy nature enough to want to document it, then look no further. The Moultrie M-990i 10MP  Game Camera is the best camera on the market and it deserves the 4.6 stars rating that it received. This camera has the perfect functions yet is not to complicated to operate. More importantly, it produces clear images, which makes it one of our most recommended cameras.

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