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We Loved The Moultrie A5 Low Glow Game Camera

The Moultrie A5 Low Glow game camera works great for scouting potential game areas. You can also use it for home surveillance. We tested it out for both and loved it. At less than sixty dollars, you can afford to set up multiple cameras around the property you want to scout. Each camera covers up fifty feet, and we all know that more coverage means better, more efficient scouting.

The Moultrie A5 game camera does have a red light that blinks on when it takes a picture or video, but the glow from the light is very dim. This is an infrared camera, so it doesn’t have a flash to go off and potentially spook the animals it’s shooting at night or in low light temperatures.

We didn’t notice any change in the behavior of the animals the camera recorded. If they saw the light blinking, it didn’t bother them. Just to make sure, we set up several cameras in fairly close proximity to test this. With as much footage as we got, one of the deer, raccoons, or opossums we caught had to have seen at least one of the lights. None of them spooked or changed their behavior at all.

Moultrie A5 Low Glow game camera

Moultrie A5 Low Glow Game Camera

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Our personal property surveillance testing only caught some nocturnal animals, so we didn’t get to test how noticeable the glow would be to a human who wasn’t aware of its placement. If you’re concerned about trespassers on your property, whether they see the camera or not is probably not your biggest fear, unless the camera is placed somewhere that the trespasser can reach.

In case of theft, a security cable and lock can be attached to the Moultrie A5 game camera. So, even if your trespasser sees and tries to take the camera, you can rest easy. You may still want to put it out of reach. Remember, it has a range of fifty feet. It won’t hurt your footage to place it out of reach.

For game scouting, we loved that it could capture video during the day as well as at night. You never know what you might find lurking around your spot and when. The motion sensor is really great on the Moultrie A5 trail camera, so we recommend trimming some of the foliage around your camera placement. That’ll keep it from recording branches and leaves blowing in the wind. Shots with nothing in them are always disappointing.

Fortunately, even if you do get some extraneous pictures or video from a blustery day or windfall, this camera – powered by four C cell batteries – has a really long battery life. We tested out the claim that it’ll take over eight thousand photos per battery change, and we’re pleased to say the little thing stood up to the test.

It also kept working through rain and wind. We dropped it a few times, which we generally don’t recommend doing to your cameras, but the A5 kept on working. It stands up to weather. It takes great footage at a long range, so if you can only afford one camera, you’ll still get good coverage of the area you want to scout. You can secure it against meddlers and trespassers. Its light doesn’t spook animals. We have to say, this is a hugely useful camera, and the price point is great.

We do recommend getting more than one camera, though. This isn’t a problem with the A5 in particular; in fact, just the opposite. You can waste a lot of time scouting different areas one at a time, or you can cover an entire property at once. With the price of the Moultrie A5 game camera, it just makes more sense to buy at least two or three.

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