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We’re Fans Of The Browning BTC 2 Trail Force Camera

When you place a Browning BTC 2 Force Trail Camera on a hardwood tree, it pretty much disappears. Without the very unobtrusive red light that flashes when it takes a picture or video, you wouldn’t even notice it was there. None of the animals we captured images of seemed to notice it at all.

One concern we had in testing this camera was the noise level when it was taking video or pictures. We’re happy to say it’s actually a very quiet camera. As with the red light, none of the animals in range seemed to notice at all. If they did, they weren’t perturbed or spooked at all.

Browning BTC 2 Force Trail Camera

Browning BTC 2 Force Trail Camera

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Speaking of range, this thing covers a lot of ground. It lives up to its claim of covering sixty-five feet. We actually tested this with a measuring tape and one of our guys running through the camera’s field of view. The Browning Trail Force Recon game camera passed with flying colors. Its eight-megapixel quality captures really great images. They mean what they say about that “Zero Blur” image capture.

As with other infrared cameras, it doesn’t have a night flash. It won’t be taking any art photos at night, but you’ll be able to see what’s moving out there. The time lapse mode is really great to get an idea of what’s moving around and when, so you get an idea of what a day in the life of the wild life in your scouting area is like. With this mode, you can set the camera up to take pictures at fixed intervals throughout the day and night. It’s a really cool way to get a feel for the whole day (and night, if you want) without sitting out there for hours and hours.

We like to do one day and night using time-lapse mode when we first scout an area, then switch back to the normal motion sensor mode. That way you won’t have to watch a whole video of each day to see if anything moved. As you’re looking through your pictures, you’ll notice that every image the Browning BTC 2 Force Trail Camera takes shows the time, date, temperature, and the phase of the moon.

Remember, animals behave differently at different times of the month and year, but that doesn’t have anything to do with our calendar days. It has everything to do with temperature, food supply, and, yes, the phases of the moon. How much light the moon casts changes how much animals can see. So, having this feature will help you find the patterns in your game’s movements and behaviors. You’ll be a lot more likely to get lucky on hunting day if you know when your deer are more likely to be active.

We were a bit skeptical when we saw that the Browning BTC 2 Force Trail Camera was powered by eight AA batteries. While AA’s are very common and accessible, that’s a lot of batteries. We wondered if the camera’s lifespan could be that great. Fortunately, we were pleasantly surprised. We took several thousand pictures with it, and we never had to change the batteries. If you do find yourself with low batteries, you’re not going to be on a hunt for a special charger or special batteries.

One thing to note: the memory card does not come with the camera. You’ll need to pick up an SD card separately, which will give you the option of choosing how much memory you need. We went with the maximum 32 gigabytes because we wanted to see if we could fill up the memory card before we had to change the batteries. We did! This was a great purchase.

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